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Hilton Music - A Kiss For Christmas for Help For Heroes

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Send Me A Kiss For Christmas (Chrissy Sykes)For the remainder of 2013, this entire website will be devoted to our Kiss4Christmas Charity Appeal in aid of Help For Heroes.
This is a joint project organised by UK songwriters Georgina Hilton and Chrissy Sykes, releasing Chrissy's recording of their new Holiday song 'Send Me A Kiss For Christmas'
Christmas is a time for giving, and Help For Heroes was chosen as the charity for all the proceeds, in tribute to the many servicemen and women who will be away from their loved ones over the festive holiday... 'Send me a kiss for christmas...  I'm going to miss you so much...just come back safely..and I'll never let you go again!'
We would like this message to go round the world, for everyone who, for whatever reason, has to be away from home on December 25th.

Please support us by downloading the MP3 / MP4    and spreading the word far and wide (our twitter & facebook buttons are above)

feedback on 'Send Me A Kiss For Christmas' from an Australian contributor to the Army Rumour Service message board:
"Absolute brilliance. You girls have done an extremely fantastic job with this. I take my hat off to you, and I hope all of the Uk take this on board for you. I think that you should also send it to a Radio station here in Adelaide Australia and ask them to play it for you. I believe this should be for all of our serving defence forces no matter what country you serve in. This should also be recognised as an official Christmas anthem for all people with families overseas as well. Congratulations girls, fantastic."
The 'Kiss For Christmas' Songwriters

GEORGINA HILTON (Hilton Music Publishing)

Georgina Hilton, songwriterGeorgina always had a 'way with words' and a vivid imagination, hence lyrics and ideas are her specialities. She penned her first song at the age of 8, but it took many years to perfect her craft the hard way, collecting those dreaded 'rejection slips' in the 'Songwriter's School of Hard Knocks' - songwriting is certainly a challenging and, at times, an infuriating business!
After a break of over 10 years, she returned to the songwriting scene at the end of 2012, formed Hilton Music Publishing to work through her extensive back catalogue, and was soon busy writing again!  Her first co-write with Chrissy ('SHADOW') was runner up in the International Song Of The Year contest: 'The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Georgina Hilton the Runner Up placement. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Runner Up placement.' 
As well as co-writing as a lyricist, Georgina has more recently turned her hand to composing both words and music, with the great help and patience of Nigel Cuff Music to interpret her ideas (!!) and the brilliant vocals of David Cagle (USA), producing new songs 'The Spirit Of The Tiger (Win!)' and 'Don't Judge' which have yet to be promoted, once the Kiss For Christmas project is completed.
As a trained lawyer, Georgina also looks after all the admin. for Hilton Music Publishing and the Hilton Music label. She is a both a writer and publisher member of PRS-MCPS, also a member of the International Songwriters Association, SongQuarters, SongsAlive, and SongLink International, plus others!.

CHRISSY SYKES (Sykes and Sykes Publishing) - our composer and vocalist
Chriswsy Sykes Chrissy is a professional singer / songwriter and recording artist with a wealth of experience in the music business in South Africa, USA and UK. Born in Zambia, raised in Zimbabwe, music has been a vital part of Chrissy's life for as long as she can remember!
As a young singer, she won the Rand Show
Talent contest in front of 60,000 people and was awarded her first recording contract.  This success launched Chrissy's singing and recording career with such labels as RPM , Decibel , Gallo , and Transistor Records, going on to win many nominations in South Africa, including:  Best Country Artist “You Put the Blue In MeBest Record Of The Year “ Jonathen” Produced by Peter Drake (Nashville)
Best Record Of The Year “ Guardian Angel”
Best Female Vocalist “ The Beat Of My Heart”
Best Album Of The Year “ All On My Own”
In 1988 Chrissy broadened her horizons, becoming a writer and presenter for the US childrens' musical program 'The Kimberely Project' in Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and Virginia. Returning to professional singing in the 1990's, she toured the UK clubland circuit, with husband Stuart, as the highly acclaimed duo 'Riviera'. The two went on to build a very successful multimedia company, but, sensibly, they bowed out from this high-pressure business world in 2011, to run Sykes and Sykes Publishing. Chrissy now has the time to really enjoy her songwriting once more.
Chrissy has since completed two major projects, releasing her own album of great jazz standards "Just Jazz"  and writing all the songs for Barbara Lindesay's   new album "Miss You". For details please visit Chrissy's website at


A final thought for songwriters and artists:
"You ain't going nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck"
The supposedly 'expert' judgement of Jimmy Denny, Manager of the Grand Ole Opry, in1954.
And the artist he was firing after just one performance was
Elvis Presley!